Kitchen Cabinets

Which cabinet manufacturers does ADC recommend?

What type of warranty is available from the manufacturers?

Do all cabinets come pre-finished, or are there unfinished cabinets available?

Can I get a color sample?

Do you supply stain for the unfinished cabinets?

What are “all wood, no particle board” cabinets?

What are the wood doors made from?

Are the doors reversible?

How far do the doors open with standard hinges?

What are “soft close” doors and drawers?

Do you offer glass inserts for cabinet doors?

Do you offer accessories, such as spice racks?

What kind of microwave can I install with my cabinets?

Are crown moldings and toe kicks included in the cabinet package?

How do I make an appointment for help designing my kitchen or bathroom?


Are there any fees associated with your design service?

Can you help me design an island for my kitchen?

How long before my cabinets arrive after I place an order?

Can I install my cabinets myself, or will you recommend an installer who can do the job?

How do I clean and care for my cabinets?

How can I adjust the drawers?

How do I get replacement hinges and parts?

How do I repair scratches or nicks on the finish?

Do you offer financing?